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What's there to know about me? I have three children, currently ages seventeen, nine, and two, and each of them take up an equal amount of space in my hopes, dreams, worries, and time that I’m given in this life. Currently, it’s the toddler that I lose the most amount of sleep over, and that’s because he has recently decided not to sleep himself. But somehow, I never want to forget this stage of our lives, and I don't think I'm the only mom that feels this way.

When I started my photography business, it was a calling that I couldn’t resist. I had a full time job and made good money, but the desire to create, to find and capture beauty in and around others was just undeniable. It took me all of five minutes to decide on a name for my business: Beatific Visions.

Beatific Visions isn’t just a play on words, and if you come from a theological background or attend more traditional Christian churches then you may be familiar with the term. The Beatific Vision was first defined by St. Thomas Aquinas as the human being's "final end" in which one attains to a perfect happiness. Thomas reasons that one is perfectly happy only when all one's desires are perfectly satisfied, to the degree that happiness could not increase and could not be lost.

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate and understand the sentiment. If I had to put in my own words, I would define it as true contentment. When the world quiets down and the worries are put away, what do we see? For me it’s the moment when my toddler lets me hold him, when my eight-year-old wants to show me something new she’s learned, when my teenager tells me about a new friendship. It isn’t the same for everyone, but it’s something I am passionate about helping others see.

I'M doing exactly what I've always dreamed of, and I hope it shows.

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As a mother of three and wife to a minister, I want my own love of family to be visibly present in my work, and I hope that the families I serve feel that too.

When you schedule a session with me, I’ll be here to guide you from the beginning. From location, to wardrobe, to preparing your kids for our time together, I’m always here to help. 
You may have noticed that my images rarely feature families overly posed or looking straight at the camera. I’ll always try to get you that classic family portrait at some point during your session, but I’m mostly here to spend time getting to know your family and really capture the interaction between loved ones. We’ll do some walking and talking, maybe try a few games, and walk away as friends.
I will typically bring both film and digital cameras to your sessions, because both have unique traits that lend to a truly timeless gallery for you to treasure for years to come. I edit my digital images to match the film, so you likely won’t be able to tell the difference.

Richmond VA Photographer with a passion for documenting lives well-lived

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If there's one thing I've heard over and over again from busy, sentimental mamas, it's that they take pictures of their kids all the time, but they are hardly ever in the pictures themselves!
Your family's story is so important, and it isn't complete without you in it. That's why I have a passion for family photography, to make sure family is cherished as much as it should be, and everyone has an opportunity to be in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Get pictures with your babies, no matter how old they are. No matter how you feel about yourself. Trust me, 10 years from now, 20, 50…it’s going to be so important. Even more for them than for you.

your story is so important

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